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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. This Agreement commences on the dale that the Subscription Form is signed by

the Customer and accepted and confirmed in writing by Nue-teI via print or e mail.

Service (s):

2.1 The customer has agreed that Nue-teI will provide the “Service” or shall install

equipment that the client had indicated on the application Form. He/She also

agreed that he/she shall not object to the prices for providing the service,

installation and replacement of equipment or any other expenses charged by


2.2 Nue-teI cannot guarantee that the Service provided will be Free from faults and

interruptions which arise from factors which are outside of Nue-tel’s control.

Whether as a result of network performance, 3rd party interference or otherwise.

2.3 The customer agrees to receive the Subscribed Services for the minimum period

set out (it applicable) In the Subscription Form and thereafter until the termination

of Services.

Customer’s ResponsibiIities:

3.1 Customer agrees to provide true, accurate. Complete and up to-date information

to Nue-tel as requested in lie Subscription form. Customer agrees to also

promptly notify Nue-tel of any change in aforesaid Customer information.

3.2 The Customer is solely responsible for Customer’s Equipment and ensures that it

complies with all applicable laws or relevant telecommunication industry

Standards and meets required specification and is compatible with Third Party

Software used by Customer to receive the services end meets customers need in

respect of the use of the Services: and in the case of data services, all data

retrieved, stored or transmitted through the service.

3.3 The Customer agrees that any Service Equipment (whenever applicable)

Supplied to the customer by Nue-Tel will a) remain the property of Nue-tel (unless

otherwise notified by Nue-tel in writing) and be used by the customer in

accordance with any applicable instructions. Safely and security procedures

issued by Nue-teI and/or the manufacturer of the Equipment, and the Customer

will not add to, modify or in any way interfere with it nor allow any other persons

to do so. b) Be the customer’s sole responsibility to protect from any loss.


4.1 Nue-tel will automatically renew a subscription unless a 30 day’s written notice

before contract ends is provided by the customer.

4.2 Nue-teI will send the customer a Bill for all Charges which are outstanding as a

result of their use of the service and which have not yet billed by Nue-tel prior to

termination of the service.

4.3 This bill will include any monthly subscription Charges which are outstanding at

the date of termination

4.4 If the Customer has paid a monthly subscription Charge in advance of the date of

termination. Customer will not receive a refund in respect of that unexpired part of

the relevant month for which Customer has paid.

4.5 The customer agree to pay this bill on or before the date upon which payment is


4.6 None of the rights which either Nue-tel or customer has accrued as a result of

these Terms & Conditions prior to the date of termination shall be loss or

otherwise affected following termination.

4.7 If the customer want to cancel the contract before it finished, he must pay

termination fees specified by Nue-tel.


5.1 Nue-teI may also suspend the Services with immediate effect where:

a) It is necessary in order to carry out any maintenance or repair to the Services or


b) The relevant government authorities within the Kingdom of Bahrain or

elsewhere require Nue-teI to suspend the services for whatever reason.

c) Nue-tel have good reason to suspect that you are in bleach of any of these

Terms & Conditions.

5.2 If the customer does not pay an invoice after 30 days by the due date, Nue-teI

shall have the right at its discretion and without notice to suspend your access to

the services

5.3 Nue-tel may vary its terms of agreement by providing written notice to the

customer, and the customer may in turn terminate the agreement by giving seven

day’s written notice if Nue-tel variations have resulted in excessive increases in

the charges or changes that maternally alter the customer’s rights under this

agreement to the customer’s detriment, except where the variation has been

imposed upon Nue-teI a direct result of legislative changes, government

regulation or license changes.


6.1 The customer can send the notices from the below email ONLY, but the customer

is completely responsible for what he sends.

6.2 Any notice given by the Customer to Nue-teI shall only be effective after getting a

confirmation from Nue-tel.


7.1 You may be required to pay deposit specified by Nue-tel as a security (Non

Bahraini ONLY), it will be refunded after cancellation of the service.

7.2 Nue-tel reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

These Terms & Conditions together with all documents which are referred to in

the Terms & Conditions represent the entire agreement between Nue-tel and the

Customer and they supersede off the prior agreement made between the parties