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Our Mission

The mission

Nuetel is one of the few telecommunications service providers capable of delivering Next Generation telecommunication services in Bahrain. This is due in large part thanks to our fully converged IP architecture and the selective use of fibre, copper and wireless networks. We can optimise the delivery of converged services including Voice, Internet and TV over a single broadband connection.

Our Next Generation of telecommunication networks and services is capable of providing a complete viable alternative to traditional, disparate telephone, data and TV networks.

At Nuetel we believe our competitive advantage comes from our ability to truly deliver advanced services and breakthrough technological solutions. In addition, we make no compromises when it comes to meeting our commitments.

A point of pride is the fact that Nuetel is the first company in Bahrain, and one of the few in the world, to combine the extensive use of IP for the integrated deployment and management of voice, data and video over fibre and copper networks. To these we will soon be adding the ability to deploy all these over wireless networks as well.

This capability has allowed us to achieve two key objectives:

  • To offer our customers practically unlimited bandwidth, through which a broad range of services can be seamlessly delivered
  • Deliver a superior return from the investment in our infrastructure