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Data Protection

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Objective of Policy

This policy has been developed to communicate to Nuetel’€™s customers the Customer Privacy and Personal Information safeguarding steps and guidelines that Nuetel follows in treating Customer information. This policy forms an integral part of all Nuetel’s€™ services terms and conditions.

Personal Information Handling and Protection

The information Nuetel considers Personal Information is the information needed to enable us to provide a service to the Customer and this information can be collected through the application forms, the call center, by telephone, written correspondence or via our website. The information Nuetel may ask for include Customer’€™s name, private/business address, contact telephone numbers and email address. Nuetel may also ask you for other information that relates to the service used or ordered. Personal Information€ means all information related to a subscriber of Nuetel Communications. Accordingly, Nuetel may hold and use data about the Customer in the capacity as a consumer, a business customer, as an individual acting on behalf of a business customer, as a shareholder, or in any other capacity, for example, when the Customer visits our websites.

Nuetel also keeps detailed records of telephone transactions made by the Customer for billing purposes. These records can also be used for legal purposes in the case that transactions not compliant with the services terms and conditions are made by the Customer. The time period for which Nuetel keeps information varies according to what the information is used for. In some cases, there are regulatory requirements to keep data for a minimum period, for example Nuetel keeps copies of the Customer CPR and or CR and for a minimum of six months contract termination. Unless there is a specific legal requirement for Nuetel to keep the information, Nuetel will retain it for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected or for which it is to be further processed. Nuetel is extremely serious about safe-guarding all personal information and transaction details security. Organizational and technical steps are taken to ensure that no unauthorized access, disclosure or leak takes place.

Customer Access to Information

The Customer’s access to parts or all of the personal information that Nuetel holds about the Customer can be granted upon sending a request in that regards to our Customer Service department.

Nuetel shall use its reasonable endeavors to reply to the Customer request within five (5) working days. If the information Nuetel holds is inaccurate or needs updating, the Customer can advise Nuetel accordingly and a confirmation of the changes made will be sent to the Customer once the changes are done.

Contact for Marketing and Sales Purposes

The Customer may choose not to receive marketing information or direct contact from Nuetel or request discontinuation of marketing information received if the Customer is already receiving this information. The Customer can contact Nuetel call center at 800-26925 and request to speak to our Customer Service or email us at for such request. Once notified, Nuetel shall stop all direct marketing activities to the Customer within thirty (30) days.

Customer Rights

Customer rights as a consumer of Nuetel services are also covered by the terms and conditions of service that the Customer has applied for from Nuetel. All our services are governed by the specific service terms and conditions, Nuetel’€™s Code of Practice and this Data Protection and Privacy Policy. All these documents can be found on our web site or procured through any of our Customer Service outlets.

Any future changes to Nuetel’€™s Data Protection and Privacy Policy that have a materially adverse effect on the Customer constitute a materially adverse change to the terms and conditions. As such, Nuetel would notify the Customer by way of written notice by fax, email or post and the Customer would then have the right to terminate the Services within thirty (30) days without penalty.

Contacting the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

The Customer can also contact the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority ( the independent regulator of the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The TRA is independent both from government as well as from all telecommunications operators. Their contact details are as follows:

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority: PO Box 10353 Manama Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone: +973 17520044 Fax: +973 17532523

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only applies to how Nuetel deals with €œPersonal Information€. It does not apply to any other company or to any other company’s websites even if they are accessed through Nuetel’€™s network. All information disclosed by the Customer to other companies will be dealt with according to these companies privacy practices.

As part of our ongoing business, Nuetel shares with other communications companies€™ information for connecting and charging for calls over each others networks. Nuetel will only provide Customer information to the extent necessary for legal, regulatory or technical reasons. For example, if the Customer decides to transfer services to another operator, Nuetel is obliged to provide that operator with a copy of the Customer application form within a certain timeframe.

Nuetel may also share the Customer Personal Information with other companies so that they can contact you with details of other products or services that the Customer may be interested in. Nuetel will only do this if the Customer has agreed in writing to this and where the companies agree to use the provided Personal Information for that purpose only. Nuetel will ensure that all third party companies that may receive the Customer personal information from Nuetel provide clear details on how the Customer can remove itself from their distribution database in all their marketing material. If the Customer agreed to receive information about products and services from another company and later decided not to, the Customer will need to contact that company on their own and advise them accordingly. Third party Internet sites that are accessed from Nuetel’s websites are not covered by Nuetel privacy policy, so the Customer is urged to exercise caution when entering any information online. Nuetel accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for these sites or related companies.

Nuetel may provide information, in response to properly made requests, for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders. Nuetel may also provide information for the purpose of safeguarding national security. In either case, Nuetel does that in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Nuetel also provides information when required to do so by law, for example under a court order, or in response to properly made demands, under powers contained in legislation.

If there is a change (or prospective change) in the ownership of Nuetel or any of its assets, Nuetel may disclose personal information to the new (or prospective) owner. If Nuetel does so, Nuetel will require them to keep it confidential.

Changes to the Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Nuetel reserves the right to make changes to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy in the future. All new policies will be published on our website and will be available at our Customer Service outlets.